Camino Português – Day – 20 – Lugar de Sobreiras to Ponte de Lima

An enjoyable ramble.

06 Sept 2016
12,773steps / 10.67km

Last night, faced with a forecast high of 38°C. I decided to change the pace. I therefore moved all of our booking back one day, and found a cute little place here in beautiful Ponte de Lima.
The result was a blissfully easy stroll, after a leisurely breakfast.

 The heat of the day was avoided as we enjoyed tuna salad for lunch – in the shade. The forecast was not wrong, as we saw 37°C, and then we saw a pharmacist’s sign showing 40°C. Hot,hot, hot.

Tomorrow will see a high of just 28°C, which is a lot safer as we head into the hills.

We stayed at a farm/guest house last night, which was run by a nice young couple. The lady who runs it is a hard working young mum who tried very hard to make us feel comfortable. Sadly it has been the poorest value for money on the Camino to date. No air con, no washing (a rock and a bar of soap by a washing pool), cash only, shower falling apart, a swimming pool yes – but green with algae, no food available so factor in 25€ for the taxi to find some.

For the most expensive place to date, it was disappointing. It grieves me to sound so negative when the couple are trying so hard, but this is not a place I would recommend for Peregrinos. To be fair, the owner herself said that she does not like single bookings and really wants family/group rentals.

Tonight however is shear bliss in the Arc’otel in PdL.

Ponte de Lima is starting its 190th ‘Ferias Novas’ festival. The town is bedecked with bunting and various sideshows are being set up. It is all looking very colourful. If any of the stalls open tonight, I am tempted to try to win a big cuddly toy for Shelley. Failing that – she will simply have to ‘make do’ with me…

One thought on “Camino Português – Day – 20 – Lugar de Sobreiras to Ponte de Lima

  1. We’re enjoying your blog very much and re-living some of our experiences through your words. We too loved Ponte de Lima. I hope that you don’t have very high temperatures for the next stage, where you will climb Alto da Portela Grande Labruja with its 315 meters ascent over 4 kilometers. It’s not a remarkably big climb but rather rugged; more of a scramble than a walk at times. Best wishes and good luck. Tony and Barbara


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