Camino Português -The Restart – Alvaiázere 1 – Porto 0

This is a short blog.

I returned to Porto, amid some incredible thunderstorms. Honestly – I have never witnessed the like.

Today was not about slow walking but about high speed trains.  Well – not always the case….

Getting to Porto Campanhã (main rail station) was easy, but after walking to the Cathedral, Porto’s Metro was – frankly – awful. Tickets which had not printed properly; assistants who literally hid rather than assist;  Telephone operators at Porto Metro who repeatedly dropped every call. My experience says – avoid Porto Metro. if you can

The trains (Comboios de Portugal) on the other hand were excellent – as is the Albergaria Pinheiros. I have been granted the ‘John Brierley’ room. He is the author of the book on the Camino Português which I have criticised so much for its 30+ km average each day. Poetic justice perhaps…

Good meal in the Café Quintino (small farm). Simple food but good.

Tomorrow is a short day to Ansião. Only 15km but the highest point on the Camino Portuguese.  At 440m asl, I wonder if it will be marked…?  However – waiting for my train in the morning sunshine on Porto is …bliss.


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