And now for something completely different…

I am reading about so much hate in the world after the Brexit vote and then the election of Donald Trump. It is a sad thing to see the democratic process turn to ‘mob rule’. I cannot change the world, but I can hold its hand, so I am going to do something different – and see if anyone notices.
I have opened up a page for a charity which I support. I am not going to chase anyone for charitable donations, but I would like to raise awareness (and funds) to help those who help others. So many good people and causes to choose from. I chose to support a charity which (sadly) I see in the skies so often – the Air Ambulance. The group who run it do not live a champagne lifestyle – they volunteer to help those in need.  I am linking this to my Shetland-to-Scilly bike pilgrimage next year.

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