Camino Português – Day 25 – Pontevedra to Caldas de Rei

Still following the Romans…

11 Sept 2016
25,237 steps / 22.31 km

First – this day is the 15th anniversary of one of the worst atrocities of our modern world, and I for one respect the memory of those who lost their lives and loved ones that day.
Our day began a wee bit later than usual, for no other reason than laziness. We thought “let’s stop for breakfast/coffee en route“. Who would have thought that all the way through Pontevedra, its suburbs and in fact for 12km, nowhere was open along the Camino…?

The town of Pontevedra has a beautiful old bridge, which reflects it association with the Camino as you will see in the photo.

Some of you may recall we encountered the Via Romana XIX some days before we left Portugal. We are still following it. The Romans paved hundreds of kilometres of road over 2,000 years ago, and they have been adopted into modern roads, or else the remains still provide farm and country roads. I feel that I have been following the Roman roads ever since Lisbon (which, logically, is probably the case).

Today was a warm, quiet day walking through the beautiful hills and countryside of Galicia.

img_0467Autumn is on its way and the cobwebs are now silver with morning dew as we set off…

We are staying in a pensión by the river at Caldas de Rei. Lovely setting.

img_0461Tomorrow is the penultimate day, and a very special one. I have been faithfully carrying shells, prayers and other items for people every step of the way from Lisbon. When we reach Padrón, I shall walk to Mount Santiaguiño, where it is believed that St James first preached to the people of Iberia. It is a place of much significance, and I shall pay my respects there, and remember all my friends and family – past and present – and leave those tokens and messages (discreetly, of course).

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