Camino Português – Day 17 minus 1 – Porto

Champing at the bit…

This is the day prior to the start of the final leg of our Camino. A day which began in the misty sunshine to the raucous cries of the seagulls.

Porto is a lovely town/city. I walked into it in mid-June. Now I am walking round it. Lots of things to see. The banks which guide the River Douro to the sea are simply exquisite. The Port wine producers’ warehouses are everywhere to be seen on the South bank. Lots of little cafés, bars and restaurants. Lots of tourists too, but I find that even my poor standard of Portuguese gains appreciation – and  that little bit better service than I see others getting. So few Europeans seem to try to learn even a modicum of this language, and many Spanish tourists simply speak in their own language and expect (almost demand) to be understood. Anyway – I make the effort and I see tangible results.

I will say no more today, but leave you with some of my photos. The cubic building is where I am now – the Casa da Musica.

The monument commemorates the Portuguese victory in the Napoleonic Wars. Look carefully at the top ornament…


One thought on “Camino Português – Day 17 minus 1 – Porto

  1. It’s good to see the “Cat and Canary” again. Our first visit to Porto was when Barbara sang in the Huddersfield Choral Society at “La Casa Musica” and we stayed in an hotel just across the square from the hall.

    Which route are you intending taking from Porto, coastal or inland?


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